Caring For Your Blooms


Fresh flowers add colour and life to any room. Make it last longer by following these tips:

  • Fill a jar, vase or any container up to a third or half with water
  • Cut 1-2cm off the end of the stems at an angle to help the stems take in water more easily
  • Remove the leaves that are below the water line to prevent bacterial growth
  • Put the flowers in your container of choice, making sure that all stems are submerged in the water
  • Display in your home away from sunlight, other heat sources (ie stove, oven, heaters, air conditioner, etc.) and fruits.
  • Change the water every few days until it's time to find another use for the flowers and buy a new Bliss and Bloom Studio bouquet!

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Everlasting arrangements require minimum upkeep. To keep your dried and preserved blooms looking their best for years, keep on reading for some care tips.

  • DO NOT water your everlasting arrangement
  • Display them indoors
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight
  • Dried flowers also hate moisture. To prolong the lifespan of your dried blooms, it’s best to store them somewhere with low humidity, and avoid anywhere too drafty
  • Your flowers will benefit from a once in a while dusting
  • Dried flowers are delicate. Handle with care and avoid moving them around very often