Fresh Flower Care: Tips and Tricks!

Did you just receive a bunch of Bliss & Bloom Studio fresh flower goodness? How lucky! We bet it warmed your heart to know that the sender thought of you. Now, let us help you take care of those beauties and keep the flowers alive for longer with 5 simple tips.


1. Remove the leaves from the stem before putting the bunch in your container of choice.

Leaving leaves to go into the water will cause bacterial growth and we definitely wouldn't want that. 

Bliss and Bloom Studio Fresh Flower Delivery

2. Cut 1-2 cm off the stems at a sharp angle. 

The ends need to look like the pointy end of a straw because that's basically what the flower heads will use it as...a straw.


3. Change the water every few days

If you followed the first two tips, I know that by now you think you don't need to change the water since the flowers are looking fine. Trust us, change it. Giving the flowers new, clean water to drink will help maintain their freshness longer and again, lessen the chances of bacteria growing.


4. Arrange the flowers into your container of choice.

This means you also should remove the wrapping it came with. The wrapper's purpose is to protect the flowers during transport but now that the bunch has reached you, allow the flowers to inspire you to let your creativity flow and arrange the stems to your satisfaction. You can also try reflexing the roses in the bunch to make it look fuller and grander! 

5. Avoid leaving your flowers near heat sources.

We know it's very tempting to beautify your kitchen by placing the bunch near your stove or oven but please don't. Even placing it near the air conditioner is unadvisable. Also, placing the flowers near a window is also not a good idea. We've been guilty of this last one in the past because we couldn't resist how the flowers look oh-so-gorgeous under natural light! Sadly, that bunch didn't last as long as it could for us. The heat can cause your blooms to deteriorate faster.


So there you have it, 5 simple tips and tricks to keep your blooms vibrant and fresh for you to enjoy for longer! A little effort in caring for the flowers will go a long way in prolonging that lovely feeling you felt when you received them.


Looking to replace your old bloom bunch with a fresh new one? Or planning to gift one yourself? Take a look at Our Fresh Blooms collection! At Bliss and Bloom Studio, we arrange fresh seasonal flowers for you daily. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or for an ordinary day you want to make extraordinary, we can help you brighten the day of your loved ones with our gorgeous, luxe blooms!


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