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Dried Flower Care

Dried flower arrangements have taken over our homes in recent times. People have been opting for these blooms over fresh flowers partly because of its longevity and minimum upkeep. We've listed a few things to know about caring for these beauties.

1. Display it indoors.

It is best to place your dried flower arrangements indoors, away from sunlight (and open windows too) as these babies hate direct sunlight and places that are too draughty.

Dried Flower Arrangement - Bliss & Bloom Studio - Perth Delivery

 2. Dust the flowers once in a while.

Not only will you get a fresher home, your flowers will also benefit from a once in a while dusting. Removing any unwanted particles on the arrangement will keep it looking its best.


3. Whatever happens, please do NOT water your dried blooms.

Dried flowers do not like moisture. Watering them (even if you didn't mean to) can cause their stems to weaken and get mouldy. This also means it's best not to keep the dried blooms arrangements in humid places like your bathroom.

Everlasting Flower Arrangements | Bliss & Bloom Studio Perth

4. Avoid moving them around too often.

Dried flowers are delicate and become even more fragile as time goes on. You may notice some petals fall off when you move it. Don't worry, that is absolutely normal. However, keeping it in a more permanent spot like a side table or console table might be best to avoid shortening its life.

Perth Dried Flower Delivery | Bliss and Bloom Studio

It's really very easy and fuzz-free to take care of dried flower arrangements. Following these simple steps will help ensure that your dried flowers will last for years to come.


Hoping to buy another dried blooms arrangement for yourself or for a loved one? Have a look at Our Dried Blooms collection. We offer same day delivery across Perth for dried flower arrangement orders placed before 12 noon.

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